RDM Consulting

RDM Consulting works with companies large and small to provide the required
operator training needed to comply with OSHA.  RDM Consulting works
within your organization to insure our training is structured to reflect the way
you use your lift trucks.  RDM Consulting can help you set up your training
program and insure your company is in compliance with OSHA regulations
regarding operator training.  Training is conducted at your workplace using
your equipment to insure actual "on the job" training.

RDM Consulting offers personalized Operator Training for both new and
veteran Lift Truck operators.
  Our training program has been developed to
insure OSHA compliance while meeting the needs of the individual workplace.  

RDM Consulting also provides "recertification" training for your experienced
operators and will work with you to institute an in-house program for training
your operators.  

RDM Consulting for a quotation to provide a comprehensive Operator
Training program for your workplace.